Friday, October 14, 2011

A Fall Festival Like No Other

I had the pleasure of attending a tasting of Vermilion’s fall festival menu recently, and I have to confess, it’s the first time I’ve tasted this kind of infusion! 
An Indian- Latin explosion right before my eyes! 
A Fall Festival like no other.
If you’ve never experienced Vermilion on Lexington and 46th street before, get ready for a cultural marriage that will liberate your palate!
It will enlighten your sensibility that Indian and Latin flavors do belong on the same plate.
If you explore both cultures passion for spices and their use of “a number of common ingredients, such as coconut, guava, plantains, beans, and coriander”, then you will understand what owner, Rohini Dey says, when she wanted to introduce her American audience to an “intellectually provocative” cuisine.
Vermilion offers a real “Off the Beaten Palate” adventure in this new Fall Festival Menu, starting with a new take on Arepas; a Duck Arepas, with a brushing of pomegranate molasses with curry leaf mango; 

Artichokes are lightly and cleverly prepared as an Indain Pakoras, with eggplant and coconut chili sauce; Chicken Kababs are tender, tender, tender, with spicy Indian notes;Anchovy Naan Bites are literally lifted off the plate with a Tomatillo Gaspacho; and an over the top, melt in your mouth creation of avocado and chocolate as a Beignet!
I highly recommend trying not one, but both of their signature drinks; a Mango Mojito and White Sangria, that pair excellent to this food.
If your a ‘Foodie Fiend’, then add Vermilion to your list!
If you’re a Latin Lover, you’ll run home to try your hand at a new Arepas!
And for those of you afraid of what might just titillate your palate, Vermilion has taken Indian fusion cuisine to another level, and in another direction.  This one works!

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